SpinMe Studio Professional


SpinMe Studio Professional is tailored for high volume 360, 3D and still image production and allows users to capture, edit and batch export individual spins and still detail images in a range of image formats ready for web.

FotoRobot.cz photography hardware is fully supported with embedded hardware controls to deliver a fully automated photography workflow. Simply set up the number of shots you want, tether your camera and start an image capture sequence. Your rich product imagery is captured, edited and ready to be published to the web in minutes.

You can also capture multiple still images of your products at pre-set or custom angles through the simple and intuitive robot macro interface. All of your images are easily adjusted with non-destructive masks to hide unwanted background, crop, levels, sharpening, hue, saturation and contrast tools.

Batch render product images to multi-device friendly formats using web-ready smartphone compatible javascript viewers, flash viewers or as individual image files in formats such as jpeg, tiff, psd, png or fpx files.

File system management is handled automatically so you can focus on the photography and not the technical details of where your images are being stored or what folder structure you should create; it's all managed for you, with the automatic image backup feature creating two copies of your images while you work for added peace of mind.


  • Advanced Search
    Search the product database with custom queries from within SpinMe Studio
  • Supports 360,3D and still images
    SpinMe Studio Professional supports 360, 3D and still images. You can add as many rows and still images to your sets as you require. Your images are stored, backed up and managed automatically.
  • Multi-channel image adjustments
    For 360 and multi-row spin imagery, it is now possible to adjust image filters for individual rows of images, individual images or the entire spin-set of images.
  • Tethered Shooting Mode
    Connect your Nikon or Canon camera to your computer and import images directly into your spinsets. Your files are automatically downloaded and cached for fast loading.
  • Camera Exposure Controls and Test Shots
    Customise your camera's exposure settings from within SpinMe Studio Professional and take test shots to check your images before starting a capture sequence.
  • Barcode scanner integration
    Scan barcodes to identify products even when the SpinMe Studio application window is in the background.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.
    Do you need to import product data generated by external systems?
    Product data import profiles allow you import from multiple layouts which you specify. The data is validated and imported directly into SpinMe Studio Enterprise any data which could not be imported is made available in a validation report during the process. Do you need to export your product data to an external system? Export your product data into multiple layouts that you specify ready for your systems to read. Powerful data formatting enables you to combine fields to be exported into one field and add any additional textual data that you require.
  • FotoRobot hardware controls
    SpinMe Studio Professional interfaces directly with FotoRobot photographic hardware. Setup automated capture sequences and custom macros with in-built controls to shoot 360 and 3D spin quickly and easily.
  • Output to many image formats
    Configure export presets for Flash SWF, Jpeg, Png, Tiff, Psd or Flash Pix format. SpinMe Studio Lite can also create web ready images for Flash SWF files, FSI Viewer, RevolViewer, Yofla Viewer, Magic 360 and Magic 360 Plus. For samples of these, and other viewers, check out our viewers sample page http://www.spinme.co.uk/samples/viewers/.
  • Interactive Zoom Viewer
    SpinMe Studio Professional includes an interactive 3D zoom viewer to display and edit your spin images. Crop and adjust your images and see the results interactively in seconds.
  • Image Adjustment Controls
    Perform levels, sharpening, colour balance, hue, saturation, contrast and brightness adjustments on your spinsets interactively. SpinMe Studio Professional performs non-destructive image adjustments; your changes are stored in the database so that your source images are never altered.
  • Scalable solution
    SpinMe Studio Professional can be installed on multiple computers (1 licence key required per computer) and networked together to scale to your requirements.
  • Export direct to the cloud via FTP
    Export your images directly to any FTP server. This is a convenient solution when publishing images straight to the web or a rich media provider.


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